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WWE Tap Mania is a fun clicker where you lead and manage an entire team of WWE fighters. Here you'll find the most popular and famous characters from the league, and can put together a team of champions at the highest level.

The gameplay here is very simple, as all you've got to do is tap the screen to attack your opponent. You'll start out with just one wrestler, who has to face off against the most powerful fighters. As you level up you can unlock new teammates and get strength and power to help you fight the most stubborn rivals. To get that far, though, you've got to beat all the opponents who enter the ring, one after another. Recall that you can't stop tapping the screen or your wrestlers will hit the mat.

As you deliver blows and demolish the other wrestlers you'll level up and unlock new techniques to get an advantage over the others. Put together a good team of five and face off against the classic names from WWE. You can also compete against your friends and show them who's boss or even create and customize your own wrestling moves in WWE Tap Mania.
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